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Chuan's Promise All Natural Lotion Bar

All Natural Lotion Bar, 3 oz

A sustainable easy-to-apply moisturizer that combines the properties of a body butter with the convenience of  a lip balm to offer just the right amount of nourishing moisture. The carefully curated...
Fat and the Moon All Cream - Zero Waste Face Moisturizer, All Natural, Plastic Free, 2-6 oz.

Aloe Lotion - Zero Waste Face Moisturizer, All Natural, Plastic Free

From $18.00
This zero-waste, plastic-free, and cruelty-free aloe lotion from Fat and the Moon will give you the juicy, hydrated skin you’ve always wanted. Suitable for all skin types, and especially those...
Fat and the Moon Babies Moon Salve

Babies Moon Salve

Because babies' skin is delicate, it is important to use nourishing ingredients. The plant allies of Calendula, Chamomile, and St. John’s Wort are both gentle and effective. This versatile salve...
UpCircle Beauty Body Cream

Body Cream

A hydrating body cream for all skin types with nourishing shea butter, linseed, and olive oil. This body cream is made with the anti-inflammatory extract of leftover date seeds, a by-product...
Fat and the Moon Face Oil

Face Oil - Zero Waste Face Oil, Vegan, All Natural, Dry & Oily Skin, Aged Skin, 1oz.

Glowing complexions everywhere are in on a new mantra...bring on the oil! Oil is not your skin's enemy but it's sweet, sweet hydrating friend. The light yet potent oil blend...
Chuan's Promise Facial Oil - for all skin types

Facial Oil - For All Skin Types, Acne Prone and Anti-Aging

Chuan's Promise facial oils employ anti-oxidant Green tea-infused organic jojoba, almond, and grapeseed oils for maximum skin hydration and protection. Unlike water-based serums and moisturizers, these hand-blended, all-natural formulas are...
Fat and the Moon Growing Belly Balm

Growing Belly Balm - Zero Waste Belly Balm, Organic, Vegan, Plastic Free, 2 fl. oz.

For the mommas-to-be, this whipped butter balm offers superior support for stretchin' skin.  Moisturizing cocoa and shea butters are deliciously paired with apricot kernel oil to sustain skin on it's...
UpCircle Beauty Hand + Body Lotion with Bergamot Water

Hand + Body Lotion with Bergamot Water

Natural is the new standard but By-Product Beauty is the level up.  Recycled, repurposed and reloved, UpCircle's 99% natural citrusy hand and body lotion moisturizes and nourishes parched skin without ever...
UpCircle Beauty Hand Cream with Hibiscus Flowers

Hand Cream with Hibiscus Flowers

Harnessing the healing power of the Hibiscus Flower, this dermatologically approved hand cream relieves chapped hands, calms inflamed skin and protects from environmental stressors.  Recycled, repurposed & reloved, UpCircle isolates alpha-hydroxy...
Chuan's Promise Copy of Heel & Foot Repair Balm

Heel & Foot Repair Balm

Heel & Foot Repair Balm from Chuan's Promise is a potent emollient specifically formulated to relieve and rejuvenate dried, cracked skin. Its pleasant, creamy texture melts easily and makes for...
UpCircle Beauty Night Cream with Hyaluronic Acid & Niacinamide

Night Cream with Hyaluronic Acid & Niacinamide

Award Winning  +  Derm Approved  +  Natural  +  Vegan  +  Sustainable  As seen in Refinery29 and Elle. Winner of the "Best Moisturizer" award in the Fashion Spot Best All-Natural and Organic...
Circular Bodies LLC Hemp Cream - Zero Waste Lotion, All Natural, Vegan

Nourishing Cream - Zero Waste Lotion, All Natural, Vegan

From $26.00
Lightweight and super moisturizing, this cream melts in contact with the skin. Perfect for skin, lips and even hair ends, this nourishing cream is made with shea and cocoa butters and...
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