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Baeo bare bar

bare bar

Indulge in the ultimate cleansing experience with our bāeo bare bar. Effortlessly revitalize both your body and hair with its creamy lather. Infused with nourishing aloe vera and chamomile, this...
Baeo Bare Body Butter

bare body butter

Pamper your little one's delicate skin with Baeo's Bare Body Butter. Crafted from USDA Certified Organic ingredients such as avocado and olive oil, calendula flower extract, and chamomile flower oil,...
Baeo bare face

bare face

The bāeo Bare Face moisturizing stick is a convenient and compact option packed with natural and organic ingredients like jojoba, calendula, and Vitamin E. Whether facing the harsh summer heat...
Baeo bare tint

bare tint

Bāeo bare tint is a nourishing lip and cheek tint that offers protection and hydration. With a mineral color that gives a beautiful and sustainable finish, this ultra-creamy formula is...